Eastern Tur (Azerbaijan)

The Eastern Tur species, indigenous to the Eastern Caucasus is also known as the Dagestan Tur as well. It lives in the mountains of this beautiful country at altitudes between 7500´ and 9000´. Its horn length is 32" to 36" on average. With its very thick horns, it has the nature of a cross between a sheep and a mountain goat. According to international authorities, it belongs to both sheep and goat families and counts for super slam. In terms of trophies, it is one of the most important species in mountain hunting and final exam for a sheep hunter.

The newly-opened Scheki and Kuba regions in the best area of the Caucasus are very suitable for hunting. In four different regions, hunting can be carried out using the stalking method and / or, upon request, beating. In the same region Mid Asian Bears and wolves can also be hunted. The months from June to December are suitable for hunting.

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