Eurasian Wild Boar (Iran)

The most widespread and successful trophy hunting is night hunting during the full moon period. Carried out by walking to the boars against the wind in areas of green vegetation between March and May and in harvested wheat and barley fields from June to September and using tripods for shooting, this is one of the most enjoyable types of hunting. In the summer months around Antalya, a tourism region on the shores of the Mediterranean, hunting can be combined with a seaside holiday. At a large number of high quality establishments in the region daytime accommodation is provided together with a wonderful taste of night hunting. Again in the Mediterranean region, holidays on the 90´ to 120´ “gulet” yachts and on the beaches where the blue of the sea and the green of the forest meet can be combined with night hunting when the moon is full. For those who like to be face to face with nature, the upper regions of the rich hunting grounds of the Black Sea and the Mediterranean open their welcoming arms.

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