Western Tur (Russia)

Larger than the mid-Caucasian tur, with a more ibexlike appearance. The face is short and blunt. The hoofs are large. The beard is long (up to seven inches, or 178 mm), narrow and prominent. The short summer coat is yellowish-tan, lighter on the back and sides, darker on the head, very dark brown on the tail and lower legs, and dirty white on the belly. The winter coat is heavier and coarser, varying from grayish to yellowish-brown, with a dark dorsal stripe. The horns are black and rather similar to those of an ibex, being scimitar-shaped and having prominent cross ridges on the front surface, but they are much more massive and relatively shorter. The tips are widely separated, the distance varying from about 16-26 inches (41-66 cm), sometimes more. The horns appear almost circular in cross section, actually being triangular with strongly rounded angles and bulging surfaces (especially the orbital and nuchal surfaces; the front surface is flatter). Females have thin, weak horns that are elliptical in section and slightly curved.

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